Women’s BJJ Gi’s Black


Absolute best quality and value

You Experience premium combat armor

Carefully crafted combat for a fighter

Tailored specifically step on confidence

Fit women from 4’8”- 6’2” (sizes F0-F5)

Attractive Colors Black, Blue, Pink & White

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Sabo Sports Wear women gi’s are carefully crafted combat uniforms for a fighter who wants the absolute best quality and value. Your gi is your layer of armor, your exoskeleton in the art of bjj, with Sabo sports you will be wearing armor that was tailored specifically for you so you can step on the mat combat-ready and with confidence like the combat goddess that you are. Our women’s bjj gi’s will fit women from 4’8”- 6’2” (sizes F0-F5) so that women of various heights & weights can experience premium combat armor. Fitting is true to size with very limited fabric lee-way, meaning that when you put on Sabo Sports Wear BJJ Gi, you will not have any excessively loose sleeves or collars. Staying true to size is important because the more loose the gi is, the easier it is for your opponent to have a grip on you. Our thick, form-fitting BJJ gi will prevent that as much as possible and keep you combat-ready at all times.


A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5

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